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Friday, July 20, 2007

Right Time to buy ICDCI

After looking through all the companies listed at the bourse, i though it would be wise to share with you this verdict on the ICDCI counter listed in the financials and investment sector of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.
1. Earnings: ICDCI invest in companies that are expected to shows significant increase in earnings.
2. Strategic: The company in its strategy identifies companies that are strategic and require substantial cpaital outlays.
3. Partnerships: In its investment strategy, the company normally partners with like minded companies with expertise and essential business skills. This enables the company get the requisite board advice as well as avoid 100% risk in its investments portfolio that would have far reaching implications in the long run if deals go sour.
Prudence: The company undertake due diligence and stick to prudential allocation of assets to continuously create and enhance shareholders value.
Passion: The company has a passion for excellence and integrity through proactively managing a well diversified portfolio.

Shareholders % Shareholding
Government of Kenya (ICDC) 24%
Institutions 27%
Public 49%
Associated Companies Portfolio (%) Sector
1. Nairobi Bottlers 27% Beverage
2. Kisii Bottlers 17% Beverage
2. Rift Valley Bottlers 47% Beverage
3. Mount Kenya Bottlers 28% Beverage
4. Kenya Wines Holdings Beverage
5. Kenya National properties Property
6. General Motors 17.8% Industrial-Automotive
7. Eveready Batteries EA Ltd Industrial
8. Mather and Platt (K) Ltd 35% Industrial
9. AON Minet Insurance Brokers Financial and Services
10. UAP Provincial Insurance 24% Financial and Services
11. NAS Airport Services Services
12. Wildlife Works Industria- Textile
13. Uchumi Supermarkets Retail
14. Public Equiy Investments
15. Fixed Income Securities
16. Rift valley railways

Portfolio Percentage
1. Beverage 42%
2. Property 5%
3. Industrial 16%
4. Financial/Services 21%
5. Public Equity
6. Fixed Income Securities 5%
7. Transport

ICDCI is keen on expanding its private equity portfolio and is interested in companies not listed but have a robust business model in whatever sector they operate so as to provide equity capital and prefer companies looking to expand.
From the foregoing and the price movements at the NSE after the split which shows a 12 months high of Kshs80 and an average price of Kshs30 the price is likely to shoot up come the new calendar year.

Just invest and watch this space for more...


Jakarumba said...

I just discovered, your blog will be a daily guest. Good day!!

Jakarumba said...

I just discovered your blog will be a daily guest. Good day!!