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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You Mr. Speaker

The much awaited speaker's ruling on who should be the leader of government business in parliament was delivered with the wit, skill and utmost consideration to the weight it had.

Country First
Given the kind of bickering that had been blatantly exhibited by both sides of the political divide this was an acid test to the speaker and behooved him to use the sword like the proverbial Solomon or provide astute leadership and the latter proved to be his second name. He surely put the country first in full cognizance of the precarious precipice we fell into after the disputed elections.

Two Principals
The evident refusal by the two principals to consult in full flare and glare of the public is a sad indictment on the future of the Grand Coalition Government after the enactment of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act and subsequent entrenchment in the Constitution. This display of grandstanding is uncalle for, and unneccessary in we are truly concerned aboup steering the country to economic growth.

Investors and Investments
It is clear that with the current stalemate and political uncertainty foreign investors seeking to venture and bring the much needed foreign direct investment will surely shy away.

Stock Market
The financial markets all over the world respond to any slight fundamental news and uncertain political environment in our country does not help. Our leadership show know best at this time when our stock markets is still wading the murky waters of world financial meltdown occassioned by the subprime mortgage crisis. Its time they put their acts together!