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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Financial Supermarket in the Offing

It is quite evident that the wheeler-dealers at Trancentury cannot stop at anything until they get what they want.

Jimna Mbaru:
Now Jimna Mbaru the director of Britak, Chairman of Dyer and Blair Investment Bank, Chairman of NSE and a member of the Trancentury Group, as well as the a shareholder of Equity Bank has his eyes on Housing Finance rights.

Britak-Equity partnership:
By allowing Britak and Equity partnership to take over the rights of CDC (24.9%)Government (7.32%) and NSSF (10.35%) this would create one of the leading financial services supermarket in this part of the world as well as make it one of the leading shareholders of the firm with a stake in decision making through its voting rights.

If you can fathom this:

Equity Bank: Leading Lender/Bank to the SMEs

Dyer and Blair: Top Investment Bank and Stockbroker

Britak: Has interests in Insurance (British American Insurance) and Asset Management (BAAM)

Housing Finance: One of the top listed Mortgage companies in Kenya offering finances for real estate development, purchase etc

Trancentury: has interests in telecommunication, stock market, infrastructure, Banking, ICT etc

Investopedia Says:

For the consumer, a financial supermarket can offer convenience and efficiency, since his/her money is not being continually shifted from one institution to another. For the institution, an all-encompassing relationship with the consumer is more profitable than handling just one aspect of a customer's financial needs.

Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE):
With NSE now trying to sell information to investors even the price lists through a shrouded company call MediaCorp might be another conspiracy by those connected with Trancentury and the stock market investment elite to deny most yearning investors the requisite information to make informed decisions.

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