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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Court Allows Kenya Re IPO to Continue

The court yesterday allowed the Kenya Re IPO to continue by throwing out a court suit filed by a one Mr. Apollo Mburu Gichuhi on behalf of the collapsed United Insurance policyholders.
The prospectus was released to the public though there were concerns that the vendor did not make public the forensic audit report that tried to delve into the corruptions allegations at the company. The prospectus said that potential investors can pick up upto 16 documents for inspection from the company head office though many feared that the audit report might not be among them.

IPO Debut:
The Kenya Re IPO, which debuted in the primary market yesterday, offers investors a chance to buy a stake in the company at a price of Sh9.50 per share. The offer draws to a close on July 31, with trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange set to commence on August 27. The IPO involves the sale of 240 million shares valued at Sh2.3 billion to the public which is equivalent to 40% of the company.
The company assets are worth 12.8B. The company in the last financial year made a pre-tax profit of Sh700 million on a revenue base of more than Sh3 billion.

Insurance Companies-20%
Qualified Institutional Investors-30%
Kenya Re Employees-3%
Delivery Vs Payment:
The IPO offers institutional investors a chance to pay for shares only allocated to them thus reducing on the refund payments as other investors wil be left to grapple with underallcoation and chasing refund payments. Why this preference???

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