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Thursday, July 19, 2007

From the Thinktanks

Today i read through a couple of blogs just to get a feel of whats happening and these are some of the notable works i found in my clicks and close.

-Kengen vouching for night shifts among industrial companies so as to safe on costs as this will be priced differently as an inducement. Further, this will help the country safe on alot of electricity costs that would have gone towards the building of new power plants accross the country. Read more

-The Ato Z of the prospectus as analyzed by the ever critical bankele provided with the candour it always has.

-Investing ideas for 2007 as provided by smart business magazine that will blow your mind (hopefully) and stir you to look beyond the here and now.

-If you been running up and about looking for the Kenya IPO propectus you can access it here. Read through and make informed investments decisions. Knowledge is power. You know that er...
-The Central Bank has sounded an alarm bell over the increase in counterfeit notes that have continued to dent the image and the credibility of the country's payment and settlement system.

Just a thought:
Could the predictions about the Earthquake that had earlier been delivered by a one Pastor Awori be coming true. The guy had been behind the scenes only to appear with news of doom and called for repentance.

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