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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Live to Blog and Blog to Live

Indeed over the years many bloggers have emerged focusing on topical issues and i must say they make the world of blogging fun to partkae.

I am Proud
I must say, in Kenya there have been many bloggers that have emerged to share their thoughts, experiences, views, opinions, nairumours(as Bankelele would call it), research works and probably business ideas or still just connect with other like minde thinkers. I have indeed been proud to be part of this great team and moreso likeminded publishers focusing on the financial markets-money market, capital markets and foreign stock market trends.
I am proud of you all!!!

Our Voices
As bloggers, we’re all different, and a blog can only be what we as the individuals or groups behind the blog want it to be.Thanks to some of my colleages in this field who have inspired me from time to time, i have continually read and followed their posts on various issues and i must say a Million thanks to them and in expanding the tagged thread i wish to give some thumbs up to Bankelele who has tagged me, Kenya Capital Investment Group for providing a Kenyan view from the international arena, Kainvestor for his analytical viewsSa, savvy Kenyan,pesa tu and Riba Capital who have gone quite, concept, Emerging Africa Capital, and many other bloggers who are part of these great team.

Why i blog
I blog to share my thoughts,experiences and views on topical issues and more importantly about the financial markets.
I blog to part have my voice heard on various topical issues albeit in the smallesst of ways.
I blog because each new day comes with new challenges and as we try to make the world of investing fun to operate, it behooves us to shares what we've got-information.

What i Blog
I blog about Kenya as an emerging financial market in Africa that is dreaming to realize Vision 2030 to thrust itself to the next level of developed economies. I blog about finance and the financial markets alogside all the financial infrastructure-the money market and the capital markets. I blog about business and investments in Kenya, Africa and the world, I blog about portolio management and stocks-shares, bonds, treasury bills,financial innovations, derivatives and such instruments.

This christmas may you live to blog even more...

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