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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metropolis Welcome but Realization Daunting

The launch of the much publicized Nairobi Metropolitan that is set to create a rather expansive city with coverage spanning 15 urban centers is welcome as presented in paper but the cost to realize this dream city is a daunting task for all the stakeholders if the vision of transforming Nairobi into one of the regions business hub is to be a reality.
All these grand plans to transform the city of Nairobi into a major regional business and tourism hub known as the new Nairobi Metro 2030 Strategy, was launched in Nairobi Yesterday amidst current tough economic times for the lower cadre of society.

Ksh 33 Trillion?

When the plan was launched yesterday the announcement that this will cost Ksh 33Trillion way beyond our GDP and calls for major Foreign Direct Investment. However with Kenya being viewed currently as an emergent volatile zone with uprisings and tribal infighting every five years things might not be easy to attain this mark but nonetheless dream we must!

The Vision envisaged building the best-managed metropolis in Africa, providing high quality life as anchored in seven key result areas including infrastructure, security, opportunities for investors amongst others.The metropolis is expected to deliver a unique image and identity through effective place branding, building a competitive and deploying world-class infrastructure shall be realized.

Dream big, Dream for the Small
As the Kenyan government endeavors to lay the strategy towards this Vision 2030 there is dire need to reconsider thoroughly the issued affecting the majority of the populace including food, fuel, security, youth employment and many more as these will impact on the Vision 2030 and action is needed albeit NOW!


bankelele said...

Kshs. 33 trillion! (that's $420 billion) - how was that figure arrived at? That's a pipe dream,we grew up hearding wonderful things about "by the year 2000" , "by the year 2020" now it's Vision 2030.

jfmarcelo said...

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Anonymous said...

im skeptical: a coupe of things if this government cannot come up with simple solutions to ease life in places like kibera what would make me be confident aout this plan. keibera is less than 5sq miles simply provding simplethings like footpaths,drainage, streelights and piped water would cost less than a billion shillings and would benefit the existing resdent infinetely - as opposed to the building of 400 houses for new residents @ the same amount.