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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Financial Crisis Contagion Bites

After many months of denial the Central Bank might at last be bowing to the pressure to cut down interests rates and rather this might be an acknowledge that the world financial crisis whose epicenter was the USA is now spreading its ferocious wings to African emerging markets and Kenya in particular. This was hot in the heels of a denial by the acting finance minister that all was well?

Financial Contagion

It is indeed true that any crisis in the developed economies of the world will have their effects on African emerging markets and Kenya being reliant on Tourism, Trade, and Remittance by Kenyans abroad, things might not be that rossy for us.
A decision by Central Bank to lower the minimum amount of money that investors need to buy T-Bills is yet another attempt to bring down interest rates and prevent the economy from going on a further downward spiral, analysts said.

Th reduction of minimum T-Bills purchase 10 times from Sh1 million to Sh100,000, opens a new window through which ordinary Kenyans can be drawn into funding government debt and pits commercial banks against the Central Bank in deposit mobilisation and interest paid to depositors.more

Regulatory Framework
What does the developing global recession portend for the local economy and our financial markets? What policy interventions are required? What audit and regulatory measures must be embraced in navigating the emerging challenges?
These are the pertinent questions we need to consider as the effects of the global financial crisis continue. More

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