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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Microfinance banking set to spur economic growth


After a couple of weeks of silence in this blog due to travel and work demands i must apologize to my avid readers for some dissapointment with my postings which havent been forthcoming.

Microfinance Banking
Microfinance is a term for the practice of providing financial services, such as microcredit, microsavings or microinsurance to poor people. By helping them to accumulate usably large sums of money, this expands their choices and reduces the risks they face.
Today after reading the case of Equity bank and others seriously following suite including the hirtheto big mans banks of yersteryears that are now hawking loans and other products,i was drawn aback to the role of microfinance banking in economic growth and profitability.

Internation Year of Microfinance
Today, microfinance plays a major role in the development of many African, Asian, and Latin American nations. Its impact is substantial enough to have warranted acknowledgment by the United Nations who declared 2005 "The international year of microfinance", reminding people that millions worldwide benefit from microfinance activities.

Economic Growth
It is generally accepted that long-term sustainable microfinance programmes hold enormous potential for national economic growth and development. Many microfinance institutions have sprung up and some are already applying for banking licenses. The future is indeed brighter for microfinance with the passing of microfinance bill in parliament. more

Microfinance institutions are indeed set to change the course of business in the world. Case studies of Equity in Kenya and the Bangladesh bank attest to this. Both institutions have already wone various accollades for their work.

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iLLeana Frazer said...

Nice explanation. Even beginners can understand it. Please keep posting similar things