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Monday, October 8, 2007

NSE Amidst Electioneering Frenzy

Kenya is one of the few countries in the world that has the uncanny knack of being gripped by election fever from one election through to the next national polls due to politicking amogst its leaders.

Big Investors
Traditionally the big-time investors take a wait-and-see stance during an election year and the result is sluggish economic activity, which could result in slower GDP growth. On the Nairobi Stock Exchange, which is a barometer of economic performance in the country, share prices nosedive.

Political Uncertainty
Kenya’s equity markets could face their hardest test in four years amid heightened volatility caused by political uncertainty ahead of the general election. Massive offloading of shares by individual investors in anticipation of the Safaricom Initial Public Offering could also spark market fluctuations and depress market activity.more
Already, the market is showing signs of a slow down with the benchmark

NSE Index
NSE 20Share index that tracks the performance of the 20 select listed companies, threatening to dip below the 5000 point mark.In the last one month, the NSE 20 Share index has shed an estimated 600 points, closing last week’s session at 5005.89 points compared to a high of 5611 points in early September.

Election Frenzy
The looming general election in Kenya cannot escape investors’ minds. As much as they wish to celebrate a new beginning and the anticipated Safaricom IPO, at the back of every investors mind is a dark cloud of uncertainty as to what the election frenzy will bring to the bourse.


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MainaT said...

We will be needing a strong dose of something the way this index is dropping.

Keep up the good work.