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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Asset Finance:The New Craze in Town

What is it?
This is typically structured as a line of credit secured by a specific asset or across a combination of existing assets. It encompass using balance sheet assets (such as accounts receivable, short-term investments or inventory) to obtain a loan or borrow money - the borrower provides a security interest in the assets to the lender. This differs from traditional financing methods, such as issuing debt or equity securities, as the company simply pledges some of its assets in exchange for a quick cash loan.
This type of financing is typically used for short-term borrowing or working capital. Companies using asset financing commonly pledge their accounts receivable, but the use of inventory assets is becoming more frequent.

NIC Bank
Every once in a while our customers require a helping hand to finance their assets. NIC Bank for example ventured into helping customers to acquire their assets with ease, whilst keeping our pricing very competitive. This augured well with the market and helped the company reap massive returns.

Asset Financing Now
Asset financing has become a major competitive ground for banks as they seek to increase their interest income-based revenue. Banks are competing on interest rates, collateral arrangements and longer repayment periods to persuade customers to take up this line of credit.
Already, asset financing is accounting for an average of 15 per cent of total interest income for banks. The industry believes potential to raise this figure exists, considering that most banks started giving asset financing more focus only in the last five years.More

Stanbic Bank
This is is a relatively new entrant in the asset financing market, having set up the department about four years ago. The company is financing 30 to 40 vehicles per month.

KCB’s recently launched Asset-Based Finance product allows customers to borrow from Sh1 million to purchase assets in a repayment period of 12 to 60 months. Borrowers are required to make a minimum deposit of 20 per cent of the value of new assets.

Asset based loans are perfect for:
-Company acquisitions and business mergers
-Management buy outs
-Financing expansion
-Turnaround finance
-Refinancing existing business loans

Why consider asset based financing for capital?
-Able to leverage sales growth today
-The lack of flexibility through regular bank financing is no longer an issue
-Revolving credit lines can be secured by your raw materials and finished goods inventory
-Access large amounts of cash that have already been invested in the infrastructure


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