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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NSE;Stocks to Watch in 2009

(The views expressed herein individual evaluations and should not be taken to mean a strong buy advisory but an indication of the likely movers and shakers of 2009)

As the year progresses several investors at the NSE are lost for words as their hard earned investments go down the drain however this is my take for 2009;

Likely Movers
The enactment of the (in)famous media bill has opened a window of opportunity for investments by this company and indications are that Accesskenya is likely to launch a portal fashioned in the way of ebay to compete with others like mamamikes and find. This new window of orpotunity is likely to enhance the synergetic component and thrust the company to a higher level of profitability.
AccessKenya has been one of few star stocks at the NSE since its listing in mid last year, and for the better part of 2008.The information technology company had its share price pegged at Sh32 until May 2008, a valuation that was way above its IPO price of Sh10.Many will be watching as it flexes its muscle.

East African Breweries (EABL)
Day in day out the company continues to churn out large quantities of the famous 'imbibed froth'-beer that continues to attract new customers by the day. Despite the addition of sin tax by the Kenya Revenue Authority continually leading to substantial increase in the prices of this commodity, users continue to throng entertainment places to down the same and this will not stop any day soon.This only serves to enrich the company Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) and eventually net profitability that will affect share prices at the bourse.

Financial results released in September 2008 indicated that the giant brewer returned a pre-tax profit of Sh12.3 billion compared to Sh10.6 billion in 2007 and things are bound to get better.
EABL has maintained one of the highest dividend payout ratios among the NSE listed firms.The company will be doling out to investors an estimated total of Sh6.4 billion in dividends this year equivalent to a payout of Sh8.05 per share- representing a 10 per cent growth over last year.EABL is also turning to fully service the beverage market with the introduction of non- alcoholic drink.

CFC Stanbic
CFC-Stanbic Bank has set off to revamp its retail banking section over the next three years. This will see the bank, which is mainly considered to provide banking and financial services large corporate institutions, parastatals, non-governmental organizations, diplomatic missions and multi-nationals, open up a number of new retail branches across Kenya. In the last six month the bank has opened four new branches and its planning to open five more by the end of this year, bringing its outlets to 30 with over 40,000 clientele.
The expansion plan after the takeover/merger is likely to be well though out and planned to bring greater returns making it a good stock.

Equity Bank
The company has realize such enviable feats in recent times that the players in the banking sector are yearning for.Being Kenya’s largest retail bank, Equity, has posted an impressive growth that put its ahead of most companies in the banking league.Their expansion programme is growing and expectations are that its performance come the next quarter will still be sterling and hence a darling for most stock pickers.

Centum Investments

Centum investments has announced a 5 years strategic plans (2009-20013) that will help it raise additional capital and take advantage of the investment opportunities created by the global financial crisis. Though the amount and financial option was not detailed, the firm seeks to increase its foothold in sub-Sahara Africa has private foreign investors divest from the region. centum’s asset value has grown from Ksh.3 billion in 2004 to Ksh.8.4 billion at the end of last year with equity portfolio accounting for approximately Ksh.7.9 billion.
As the next quarter results draw closer many are watching for any surprised herein that might significantly transform its share price after the departure of its CEO earlier.

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