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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kenya Capital Markets under the Microscope

The Kenyan capital markets is now under focus against a backdrop of shrinking investor confidence and continually droping market index in defiance of any fundamentals. Other stockbroking firms including Suntra Investment Bank are struggling over pending lawsuits due to illegal selling of investors shares.
CFC Financials had also been sued over illegal short selling of a client's shares and the landmark ruling requiring them to pay back Millions is set to change the financial landscape and send shivers down the spines of other struggling stockbrokers who may have been doing the same scheme in full glare of the CDSC and the CMA.

Radical Surgery
The current NSE meltdown has brought to the fore the urgent need for radical surgery of the Capital Markets Authority and the NSE as well as stringent regulations on stockbrokers and investment banks inorder to bring back the much needed market rescusitation.

Since the collapse of Francis Thuo, Discount and placing of Nyaga under statutory management many had been wary of venturing into the market worst hit being foreign investors. Infact foreign investors and Kenyans in Diaspora have been flooding the market with orders to sell stock as they seek safe havens to hedge against risk associated with global financial crisis.

The sharp drop in the NSE 20-Share Index from over 6000 to 2927 by Monday after an unprecedented rise of 279% by December 2007. Market capitalisation has dropped from 1.3 Trillion in June 2008 to slighty over 700 Billion this week.

Though the capital markets is said to have been pursuing reforms in the capital markets, radical surgery of stockbrokers, investment banks, Nairobi Stock Exchange and Capital Markets Authority is urgently needed and the time is NOW!

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