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Monday, August 6, 2007

Who is this man Merali?

Naushad Merali:
Naushad Merali has emerged as a go-getting, aggressive, witty deal maker who will stop at nothing to seal a seemingly impossible deal all odds notwithstanding. His business endeavors has seen him cut a niche in the Kenyan market and beyond as the most entrepreneurial business mogul in the league that can be equated to the American Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet in Kenyan standards.
Merali is respected by all for his seemingly insatiable appetite to get wherever he wants and would scale even the seemingly insurmountable odds to realize his dreams. Following his footsteps, his son has also emerged as a go getter, like his father, with the academic credentials to crown it all in business.
Sameer Group:
Merali has formed a large group of companies under the Sameer Group umbrella that are involved in across section of the economic sectors as agriculture, construction, Energy and Power, Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance and Transport.
Some of the companies including Sasini Tea (Agriculture), Eveready (Energy) amd Sameer Africa (Transport) are listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

The wide array of companies in his portfolio include:
Sasini Tea and Coffee Ltd: This is a public listed company quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange with over 2,000 hectares under production and represents the Sameer Group’s interests in Tea, Coffee, Forestry, Dairy, Horticulture and Tourism.
Tea is grown by a Sasini subsidiary, Kipkebe Limited, which operates two major facilities (Kipkebe and Keritor) and exports tea to Egypt, UK, Pakistan and the Middle East.
The company's coffee plantations are located at altitude in central Kenya with facilities in Kiambu and Nyeri Districts ( Mweiga Estate)
Dairy and Horticulture Sasini's dairy division produces milk and flavored yoghurts, as well as producing milk for sale to the food industry in general. Its horticulture division is growing, producing such vegetables as peas and corn.
Equatorial Commercial Bank: It began in 1983 as a Finance company and converted into a commercial bank in 1995. The bank is now growing its consumer banking operations. Dimension Data:
Swift Global Kenya: Provides personal and business connectivity.
Kenya Data Networks: This is a private data and infrastructure provider in the communications sector.
Ryce East Africa: This provides complete transportation solutions to Kenya.
Yansam Motors: This is the other motor vehicle company in the Sameer Group Car Park that was initially launched to source and supply other popular brands of motor vehicles to cater to the ever increasing demands of the market. Yansam Motors has diversified into agricultural business by acquiring sole franchise rights to market the Iranian ITMCO brand of tractors and farming implements in Kenya. The company also has an engineering division.

Celtel Kenya: Celtel builds and operates communications networks in Africa.

Sameer Africa: This formerly under the name Firestone East Africa. This was established in Kenya in 1969 as a joint venture between Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company of the USA and the Government of Kenya with the aim of producing tyres for the Kenyan and the East African market.

H Young:This is one of East Africa 's leading construction company.The company's design and manufacturing activities relate to all sectors including Telecommunications, Mining, Power Generation, Petroleum Industry, Agricultural Sector (sugar, tea), Process Industries, Cement, Infrastructure (roads, water supply) among others.

Eveready East Africa: This company was quoted recently at the bourse after successful Initial Public offering that was oversubscribed. The company was established in 1967 to manufacture primary batteries.

Sameer Industrial Park: Sameer Industrial Park (SIP) is Kenya’s premier Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

Dimension Data: Dimension Data was founded in South Africa at the inception of networked communications. It provides Network Integration, Converged Communications, Security, Data Centre’s & Storage, Microsoft and Customer Interactive Solutions.

The art of a deal:
With Mr. Merali quest to expand his regional outreach through the various companies, his networth is way into billions, leads an opulent life and lets his money work for him. His political connection has also helped him secure business deals with several willing foreign direct investors. To say the least this guy has mastered the ART OF A DEAL! and would jump in every time an opportunity presents itself.

At the Nairopbi stock exchange, Merali also invests in a couple of companies and with big monies involved he can always cut deals for himself with big profit margins to follow.

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ANTONY said...

What a guru we have right here in our country! It's modest men and women of his calibre that Kenya needs to propel us to greater economic, social and political realm to greater heights!