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Friday, August 24, 2007

NSE Handbook 2004/05/06

To All Readers,
Thank you so much to all my avid readers who have always spared a minute or two to check out my blog and savour the content therein. For those who have unrelentingly left their comments i must say you make the world of blogging fun to want to be in. Your comments and suggestions have come in handy in ensuring that this blog continues to offer information accross the board that will in one way or the other support our investment endeavors especially in the emerging markets of Africa (that are seen to be the next big thing) and beyond.

This week i got two NSE handbooks that are vital in understanding all the companies listed at the Nairobi Bourse and moreso the more clouded companies that do not always come to the limelight through successive press coverage. These are must read for all and covers the companies financial reports for more than five years.
These i got from fellow bloggers and great online friends as well as the NSE.

If you wish to have a copy drop me a line at and i will be more than willing to send you. You have been such a great reader, such a great inspiration, a very great supporter and an indispensable party in my blog.

Hats off, Thumbs up and kudos for being there!!!!!!!!!!!

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MainaT said...

Hifintrader, si unitumie the 05/06 please?

Jack said...

Hi. i would most appreciate if you could sent me The NSE HandBook 2004/05/06. My address

Unknown said...

Kindly can i get the copy,email

George Kivango said...

Kindly can i get the copy,email