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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Rise of Freeconomics

Now that our political arena is awash with news, informations and inundations on the the boys in blue and orange many are left dazzled.
As the day draws closer, many free-economists are churning various theories of the free things we are likely to enjoy come the general election.
Sample this:
-Free food for the needy
-Free primary and secondary education
-Free clothing for those without
-Free transport vouchers for the poor
-Free ports
-Free country
and the list goes on and on...

Well i am not alluding to any political inclination, but i am disturbed by the freeconomics being churned out in the bid to lure the electorate at the expense of real issues that bedevil our economy and investors at large.

Sample this from Moore's Law
"What happens when things get (nearly) free?" His answer is that you waste them,You use them profligately, extravagantly, irresponsibly. You shift out of conservation mode and get into exploitation mode. You do crazy things promising the average email user that they'll never have to delete another message to conserve space. We will all learn how to waste newly abundant resources, retraining our minds to ignore our instincts about costs and scarcity.

Just a thought!!!!

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