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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stock Market

Over the past few months the Kenyan stock market has been a beehive of activity and investment hungry investors rush to commit their funds into one or the other of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs). First came Kengen, followed by Scangroup, then Eveready and finally the just concluded Mumias share offer.

Statitistics from the various stockbroking houses and the Nairobi Stock Exchange reveal that Kenyan investors have reawakened to the reality of investing in shares and stocks. However, it is noteworthy that alot of investors just follow the hype and rush to queue for any Initial Public offers without proper analysis and review of the company fundamentals.

Although, through sheer luck or otherwise some have made money from these involvments, it goes without saying that many investors across the country who know little if any about the stock market have burnt their fingers and at times lost substantial amounts of their savings.

This therefore is a clarion call for the various stakeholders at the Kenyan Capital Markets to rise to the occassion and institute various programs geared towards enlightening investors on the nitty gritty of the stock market so as to enable them make informed investment decisions. Investor education therefore is paramount and must be carried out relentlessly and expeditiously.As we go into this new year, investors who made money during the year 2006 are beaming with joy whereas those who may have had a bad year are sulking in desperation. Nevertheless, the year 2007 comes with alot of activity for the Kenyan economy.

This is an electioneering year and investors need to beware of the various investment options they may undertake as the political environment is bound to be quite volatile and the stock market will not be an exception.Regardless, of what happens however in 2007, one thing is clear, investors are hungry for more avenues to invest, more IPOs and better return investment options. This is a challenge that must be overcome if the vision 2030 is to be a reality as the stock market is a conduit for development. Do you believe?

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